Morgan Stringed Instruments
Custom instruments,  repairs, lessons and music by Scott Morgan
Morgan Stringed Instruments
Custom instruments,  repairs, lessons and music by Scott Morgan
Custom Stringed Instruments.

Quality, heritage, tradition and innovative excellence.

At Morgan Stringed Instruments we build custom acoustic and
electric stringed instruments. Each one is priced per the
specifications and playing needs of the customer and guaranteed
against defects in material and workmanship for a period of five
years from the date of completion.

It is our mission to create fine musical instruments using the best
conventional knowledge,  with an eye on the horizon for innovations in design and construction. From start to finish it is our goal to produce instruments of exceptional quality and tonal superiority.

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Legend of Bill Monroe and More Bluegrass CD,  BENNY WILLIAMS  $10.

Soldier’s Joy - click to play sample.
Never Again
The Legend Of Bill Monroe
Big Springs Road
Truckin’ On
Neely’s Bend
Eight More Miles - click to play sample.
Rose Of Sharon
Are You Washed In The Blood
Trail Of Tears
Prisoner’s Dream
East Tennessee Blues

Benny Williams was notably one of the most gifted
and versatile musicians produced during the early
years  of bluegrass.  He played all of the instruments
in this type of music, plus several others without strings.
He mastered old-time and bluegrass banjo, variations of country and western fiddle, including twin and three parts, rhythm, finger-style and flat-picked guitar, cross-picked mandolin, and the heart of any band, the upright bass. 

This CD was originally a cassette tape recorded in the 1980’s.  It was designed to showcase Benny’s versatility.  On it he plays the drop-thumb banjo on “Soldier’s Joy”, his fiddle on “Never Again” and “The Legend of Bill Monroe”, cross picked mandolin for “Big Springs Road”, with Travis-style guitar on “Eight More Miles to Louisville”.

Bluegrass Alliance at the SEBA 20th Anniversary Jamboree, DVD & CD combo, $20.

Turn Me Loose
It's A Lonesome Feeling
Sea Of Heartbreak
Where The River Bends
The Cherokee Shuffle
The Streets of Bakersfield
The Sweet Sunny South
Molly Rose
El Comanchero
Prison Walls of Love
Head Over Heels
The Panhandle Rag

Simply listing some of the players who have passed
through the Bluegrass Alliance in its various incarnations
provides ample evidence of how important this outfit was
in the development of bluegrass. Top-flight pickers who have worked in the Bluegrass Alliance include multi-
instrumentalist Chuck Nation, mandolinist Sam Bush,  flatpicking whiz Dan Crary, rambunctious fiddler Hoot Hester, banjoists Buddy Spurlock and Courtney Johnson, progressive bluegrass guitarist and bandleader Tony Rice, and even Vince Gill, a bluegrass flatpicker and frontman who eventually went on to carve out a career in country & western music. The band was originally formed by fiddler Lonnie Peerce in the late ’60s and within a few years was already busy with gigs at fairs, clubs, festivals, and colleges. The group appeared on the Grand Ole Opry at least a dozen times over the next decade and cut three albums. One of the first groups to be stuck with the gimmicky label of “new grass,” the band went on hiatus in the late ’70s that, unfortunately for lovers of grass new or blue lasted much longer than anyone intended it to. Peerce had to retire from performing for health reasons and many of the band’s former members had too many projects going on their own to worry about a re-formation. For example, four former members, including mandolinist Bush, formed the New Grass Revival, indicating their own fondness for this genre label. Instead, reviving the band became the goal of a young a banjoist named Barry Palmer. Palmer was a fanatic of the original version and had befriended Peerce and his wife when the band was riding high in popularity.

Barry Palmer,  -  Banjo
Johnny "Doc" Martin - Guitar
Tom Hicks - Mandolin
Chuck Nation - Fiddle
Todd Freeman - Bass
Scott Morgan - Guitar